Wedding Photojournalist Wilmington, NC

Many can agree that weddings are much more than a day in which two people commit to each other. They are a celebration of passion and love. They are an emotion-filled event in which the couple looks so lovingly at one another, parents cry, and friends smile. There are few things as magical as wedding days. Given how special they are, it is understandable for every party involved to want to ensure that the entire event is documented.

The best resource to document every moment of a wedding is to use a photojournalist. What sets a photojournalist apart from a regular photographer is the candid nature of the shots. Photojournalists take a more documentary approach to photographing weddings. This is a distinct artistic vision towards photography. The difference in the result from a regular wedding photographer is that the images capture what is actually going on, without posing anyone. Photojournalism allows for one to tell a story in a way in which no other media can. Nothing can bring to life an event or story the way that photojournalism can. High quality photographs can capture every tiny object, expression and detail of a scene. This allows for a photograph to bring a moment to life.

Photojournalism is enjoyable, but it is not easy. A photojournalist must possess a strong background in photography, equipment utilization, editing, and publication software. Thus, when selecting a photojournalist, it is important that you chose someone who is skilled and well qualified. Wynona Benson is a very experienced photojournalist who specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography. Her strong background in photography, along with her editing skills, allows her to create stories with her photographs. Through photojournalism she is able to bring events to life.

If you are looking for someone to document every detail and special moment of your wedding, Wynona is the one for you. She can provide you with candid style photographs that will allow you to revisit every moment as if you were there once again. The high quality details of her photographs will allow you to relive the most special day of your life, including every laugh and every tear.

Wynona would love to be a photojournalist for your wedding. Please contact her at