Wedding Photography Types

No wedding is like another; each one is unique and original in its own way. Given the variation in wedding styles, it is only appropriate for diverse wedding photography styles to exist. When choosing a wedding photographer, it is important to have a basic understanding of the different types of wedding photography. Understanding this fact will aid you in your process of inquiring with, and selecting your photographer. Knowing the differences between photography types will also help you in creating your vision, and communicating it to your photographer.

As its name may imply, Traditional (also called Classic) is the typical and most common form of wedding photography. Traditional photography is timeless. The main idea behind this style is to produce posed photographs that are paint to be displayed in a portrait album. This usually means following a list of subjects, people, and arrangements that the bride and groom request.

Photojournalism is a very unique style of wedding photography, which takes a candid approach to document the wedding. It is quite the opposite of traditional photography; instead of having people pose for photos, the photographer captures natural events. The photographer follows the bride and groom and their guests throughout the day, capturing moments as they occur in order to tell a story of the wedding, using photographs.

Illustrative photography blends both the traditional and photojournalistic styles. This type of photography puts an emphasis on background, composition, and lighting, as subjects are placed in a pleasant environment. Illustrative photography allows for both candid shots and posed shots. This form is often used for engagement photos.

Portraiture photography creates formal, posed photographs. This type of photography generally seeks to display the personality or mood of the subject by focusing on the face, although the rest of the body may be included in the shot.

Natural light, as its name may suggest, is a photography style that aims to use natural light rather than camera flashes. This style creates a warmer, less sharp look. The result is often referred to as “dreamy”.

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