Portraiture Wedding Photographer Wilmington, NC

A portrait freezes a moment in time; it captures an expression, which symbolizes a feeling. The ability to capture a person at a particular moment in time is what makes portraiture photography so special. It allows for a fleeting moment or feeling to be captured, and kept forever. Perhaps the most special type of portraiture photography is wedding portraiture. Weddings are among the most emotion-filled events in anyone’s lives. This is a day when the bride and groom both show and share their love and happiness. The expressions emitted on this day are incomparable to any other, and this is why it is so important to capture these through portraiture photography.

Photographs seek to tell a story. On a wedding day, photographers typically capture every detail, every guest, and every type of wedding party arrangement. This is all done to document the blissful day. However, nothing documents elation the way that a portrait does. All of the other photos can give a chronology of events, but none can emote feelings the way a portrait does. This is because a portrait captures every little detail, the exact look in a person’s eye that tells more than a thousand pictures could.

Aside from the story that they tell, wedding portraits may capture the bride and groom’s beauty when they are at their best. Because it is the most important day of their lives, both are typically dressed up and looking their finest. All the anticipation and joy cause the most beautiful expressions; therefore, they should be captured and treasured forever.

You do not necessarily have to commit solely to one type of photographic style when selecting a photographer for your wedding. Wynona Benson enjoys mixing the different styles of wedding photography in order to provide the bride and groom with a wide array of selection. Asking for portraiture wedding photography does not mean that you have to commit to this specific style. Wynona can take portrait photographs, traditional style photographs, photojournalism photographs, and the list goes on.

Please contact Wynona through her contact page in order to inquire about the endless possibilities for your wedding.