Portraiture Wedding Photographer Jacksonville NC

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is choosing a wedding photographer, along with that comes choosing a photographic style. Several different types of wedding photography styles have emerged throughout the years, which is why it is important that you and your partner review the variety of styles in order to decide which one is right for you. Portraiture photography is a beautiful photographic style that captures formal/posed photos. These photos aim to express the emotion and personality of the subjects. Thus, it allows for more individuality and uniqueness in photos. These photos can take place at any location or moment in the wedding, but they usually require allotting time for them. Unlike photojournalistic photography, they require some planning.

If you would like to have beautiful, high quality photographs with which to remember the most special day of your life, then I would like to suggest that Wynona Benson would be a great photographer for you. Wynona has years of experience capturing weddings, and her photos speak for themselves. If you browse through her photo gallery on her website, you will see just how talented she is. Her photos are powerful, they evoke emotion, and they allow the viewer to feel as though he or she were there in the moment. Her photos truly do bring memories to life.

Wynona Benson is located in North Carolina, specifically in the areas of Jacksonville, Wilmington, and New Bern. However, she has travelled across the country and even internationally for her clients. Wynona is an amazing photographer, and this is why her clients choose her and continue to recommend her.

If you would like to hire Wynona as your wedding photographer, please contact her through her contact page. Wynona loves to hear from her clients and get to know them.