Natural Light Wedding Photographer Wilmington NC

Weddings are dreamy, natural, and beautiful. Wedding photos should be synonymous to this style in order to reflect the essence of the wedding. The best way to achieve this feel is through natural light photography. This style of photography transmits the whimsical nature of weddings, capturing them in their pure essence.

Natural light photography is difficult yet rewarding. Because this style does not allow for lights or flashes, a photographer must have expertise in understanding how light behaves, reacts, and interacts with its surroundings. Although photographers may not carry actual reflectors with them, they must know how to spot natural reflectors. The bride’s dress, for example, is a huge reflector. Because of the way light interacts with white, the dress is an enormous light reflector. Walls, depending on their colors, can also reflect light. In addition, light interacts differently with different colors. Light reflecting off of a green surface would have a different effect on the subjects than light reflecting off of a red surface.

Although it may be challenging, natural light photography is very rewarding. The images achieved through this type of light are softer and more pure than images that rely on artificial lighting. This is the style that is often preferred in wedding photographs, as they transmit for sincerity. Using natural light is even required in certain circumstances. For example, some churches may not allow flashes to be used inside. Flashes and artificial lighting can also be disruptive in situations like ceremonies. During the ceremony, everyone is calm and attentive. No one wants to see large, bright flashes going off during the entire ceremony. It is far from pleasant.

Wynona Benson is a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer who is able to create beautiful photographs using natural lighting. Although she lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, she has travelled around the world photographing weddings, using different types of lighting and photographic styles. You may navigate through her website to view samples of her amazing work.

Please contact Wynona through her contact page to reserve her for your upcoming wedding.