Lifestyle Wedding Photographer Wilmington NC

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Given how enormous of a milestone it is, you will want to have high quality photographs that’ll help you reminisce of this day. If you are looking to document your special day in an artistic, yet still natural style, then lifestyle wedding photography is for you.

Lifestyle photography aims to capture portraits of people in real life events. These images are made to look natural, yet in a more artistic manner than photojournalism. They tell real stories of real events. In the case of a wedding, lifestyle photography would capture real life situations like the first dance or first kiss, yet position them artistically. These images are candid, but they still maintain direction and style.

An event as special as your wedding day is one that you will want to remember in its truest nature. This day does not require hard poses as the natural flow of events is already beautiful in itself. Lifestyle photography simply seeks to capture this natural beauty in an artistic manner. Whether it’s the bride and groom’s blissful smiles as they look into each other’s eyes for their first dance, or the excitement in the groom’s expression as he gazes upon his beautiful bride walk down the aisle, lifestyle photography will capture the beauty of the moment.

Even the simplest situations make for beautiful lifestyle photographs. The moments as the bride and groom anxiously get ready for the ceremony, for example, are magical. From the bride having her dress zipped up to the groom fastening his bow tie, these moments are incredibly special. From every small detail to every large detail, lifestyle photography is the ideal way to capture it in an artistic way. When you look back on a lifestyle photo, you remember and revisit the actual moment, which is a real moment. This is something that posed photography lacks, as it does not cause the subjects to reminisce the moment. This is why lifestyle photography is so powerful.

If you are looking for a lifestyle photographer in the Wilmington, North Carolina area, Wynona Benson is the one for you. She has documented weddings not only in the Wilmington, NC area, but also abroad in Hong Kong and even Hawaii.

Please look through Wynona’s gallery for samples of her work. You may contact her through her ‘contact’ page.