Illustrative Wedding Photographer Wilmington, NC

They say a picture tells a thousand words.  This is especially true in the case of wedding photographs. Images of the celebration as two people come together in the bonds of love are incredibly emotive. Photographs are able to capture every moment, every emotion, and make it timeless. The ideal way to tell the story of a marriage ceremony is through illustrative photography.

Illustrative photography is a new and trendy style of photography. This type of photography seeks to paint a picture of an event through a blend posed shots and candid moments. The photographer may put subjects in a ‘promo photo’ position, yet capture an image in a candid way. For example, the bride and groom may be placed together in a specific pose, yet the photographer would capture a candid, natural moment of laughter between them. Although these photos are semi-posed, they evoke emotion and drama. Unlike traditional, posed photography, illustrative photography has a more natural touch. On the other hand, it differs from candid photography by having more structure and artistic touch.

A couple that is looking to tell their story through artistic photographs should choose illustrative photography as the style for their wedding. This will allow for the ideal mix of posed and candids in order to bring the day to life through photographs. Using this style, a photographer can ensure that the bride and groom get all of the specific photos that they want, while still adding a touch of art. After completing the posed photographs, the photographer may wander around, like an invisible guest, snapping the special, candid moments of happiness.

Whether you are planning your wedding in Wilmington, NC, or anywhere else around the world, you may consider Wynona Benson. Although she is located in Wilmington, she is open to traveling to document destination weddings. Throughout her time as a photographer she has travelled to distant places like Hawaii and Hong Kong to photograph weddings. As she puts it, investing in Wynona is investing in yourself, because she will put all of her efforts towards creating your perfect wedding photographs.

Please visit Wynona’s wedding gallery for a sample of her work.  You may contact her through her contact page to book he talents for your upcoming wedding.