Illustrative Wedding Photographer

Illustrative photos are among the most beautiful types of wedding photographs. An illustrative photo paints a picture with posed shots and candid moments. In this type of photography, subjects are placed together, but what is captured is the candid, unscripted moment between them. If you would like your wedding photos to be somewhere in between traditional and photojournalistic, then illustrative wedding photography may be right for you. If you choose this style, your photos will have a high fashion/ artistic look, and they will evoke a great deal of emotion.

There are dozens of different styles and interpretations of wedding photography. What matters is not only that you choose the right style of photography given your tastes, but also that you choose the right photographer. Your wedding photographer should be passionate and dedicated to capturing your special day. When selecting a photographer, you should be sure to view a sample of their work, so that you can get an idea of what your photos will be like.

If you would like to hire a dedicated photographer that possesses the skills necessary to materialize memories and bring photos to life, then you should consider Wynona Benson. A quick glance through her online gallery will show you just how talented she is. Wynona has years of experience photographing weddings, and she has even traveled internationally for her clients. She has also been featured on publications such as The Knot, and Borrow & Blue.

Wynona offers wedding photography packages that are customizable to fit the needs of any wedding. If you would like to learn more about Wynona’s services, or book her for your wedding, please contact her through her contact page. Wynona would love to get to know you and discuss the endless photographic possibilities for your special day.