High Fashion Wedding Photographer Wilmington NC

Are you looking for a photographic style that that will do more than just paint a picture, one that will tell a story? If you are looking to capture a mood or convey a story through a photograph, then high fashion wedding photography is for you. This photographic style is about more than just creating beautiful, high-quality images. It is about capturing feelings and displaying them through a photo.

High fashion photography is less about the bride and groom, and more about the powerful feelings transmitted through it. Unlike the traditional style images where everyone stands next to each other, this style adds character to both single and group shots. These photographs can deliver an emotional story through just one look. For example, instead of simply photographing a traditional portrait of a bride, a high fashion photographer would place her looking off into the distance, her expression telling a story.

Artistic bridal photographs are among the most special elements of high fashion photography. Through this style, the bride can be transformed into the perfect bridal model, which looks like she stepped right out of a bridal magazine. There are endless possibilities for high fashion bridal poses, and each of these tells a different story. For instance, a bride can be placed standing by a window, looking off into the courtyard, where children are playing. This image gets the viewer thinking. Is the bride reminiscing of her childhood, or is she wondering if she will have children in the near future? This is what is special about high fashion photography, it is artistic, it evokes emotion, and it causes the viewer to think.

Amazing couple’s poses can be created through high fashion photography. These images often transmit much more emotion than a traditional portrait would. Rather than posing the bride and groom next to each other, the photographer may arrange them in different poses, gazing at each other, or interacting with their surroundings. These images transmit energy and character as they tell a story about the couple. A collection of these is referred to as a photo essay, as each photo tells a piece of the story.

If you are ready to transform your wedding photographs into powerful, emotive images that look like they come straight out of a bridal magazine, contact Wynona Benson. She is a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Please navigate to her contact page to inquire about her services.