Formal Engagement Photography Wilmington NC

Getting engaged is an incredibly exciting occasion. It leads to a completely different world of possibilities. Your days become full of love and romance, but also full of planning. You begin to think about your wedding and everything involved with it: your dress, the food you’ll serve, the guests, and even the color of your flowers. One of the first things that should also come on this list is your engagement photos. Whether they are used to announce your engagement, or printed on your invitations, or just for fun, they open a world of options.

Formal engagement photos allow for an array of options for locations. Do you want these to be set indoor or outdoor? In the city or in the country? On the beach or on a meadow? The options are endless, especially in Wilmington, North Carolina. This area has so many beautiful locations for engagement photographs.

Photographic style is also a big thing to think about, as there are many different types. Among the most common types of photography is traditional photography. The main idea behind this style is to produce timeless photographs of posed couples. Portraiture photography is similar to traditional, but it is more focused on the subject’s faces. Illustrative photography is among the preferred styles for engagement photos. This is a unique style that combines a touch of traditional photography with a candid approach. This type of photography puts an emphasis on background, composition, and lighting, as couples are placed in a pleasant environment. The couple may be placed in a specific spot of pose, but the photographer takes “candid” photographs. These photos evoke sentiment as they capture the way in which the couples lovingly interact with each other.

The type of lighting desired is yet another thing to think about. One can use either natural or artificial light, or a combination of both. The effect of each is different. Natural light creates a warmer, more natural look. Artificial light, however, creates a sharper look. Neither type is better than the other; it is all based on the couple’s preference.

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