Dramatic Wedding Photographer Wilmington NC

Everyone loves to view dramatic photos. They offer variety from the typical, well-posed, traditionally lit images. Dramatic wedding photographs do a better job of transmitting the intensity and grandeur of emotions on a day as important as a wedding day. These photos are awe-inspiring, and cause the viewer to stop and take an extra moment to admire them.

Dramatic wedding photography is challenging yet worthwhile. It requires much more effort on the photographer’s part, as people do not typically position themselves in a dramatic way on their own. This requires the photographer to have the creativity and talent necessary to place the bride and groom, or their guests, in dramatic poses. The photographer must also work with lighting and shadows in order to enhance the dramatic effect of the images. The reward, however, makes the entire process worth it as it results in breathtaking images. These photos are powerful and impactful.

Groups of people can also be arranged to create dramatic photos. The bridal party, the family, and even friends can all be incorporated into dramatic photographs that will leave everyone in awe. These will differ from the typical wedding group photos in a positive way. They will have more character and transmit more emotion, and their artistic nature will cause wonder upon the viewer.

Dramatic photos do not necessarily need to involve dramatic poses; they can also be achieved through specific lighting and backgrounds. Strong composition, location, and lighting can all be used as the dramatic elements of a photograph. Having a strong composition surrounding the subject will make an image stand out from the others. A strong or unusual background may also make for a dramatic photograph. Lighting can be the most powerful element of all. Artificial lighting can be crafted to have a dramatic effect on any subject or background. 

If you are ready to embark on your journey towards achieving dramatic photographs of your wedding, contact Wynona Benson. Her photographic skills in Wedding and Lifestyle photography are bound to leave you in awe. You may contact her directly through her ‘contact’ page.