Bridal Photographer

You want to remember every moment of your wedding day, which is why finding a great bridal photographer is so important. Wynona Benson is a gifted bridal photographer who wants to make your special day even more memorable. Wynona loves to photograph weddings and can capture every moment, from the bride’s preparations to the cutting of the cake.

Wynona remembers how memorable her wedding was; therefore, she understands what you are looking for in bridal photos. Wynona’s work has been featured in a variety of publications, including The Knot, Borrowed & Blue, Beauty & Lifestyle Magazine and many more. She knows how to take photos that will make you look and feel beautiful in your wedding gown. She pays attention to the smallest detail, which will make a big difference in each shot.

Enjoy your wedding day and leave the photographs to Wynona, a talented, professional bridal photographer located in Wilmington, NC. Don't let anyone convince you it’s worth skimping on bridal photography. After the wedding day, you can look back on your special occasion with confidence, knowing every moment was captured perfectly.

Wynona will take beautiful bridal photographs that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. You will be proud to display these photos in your home, and share them with later generations. Everyone loves looking through bridal photos of relatives, so make yours timeless and gorgeous for years to come.

Wynona is prepared to photograph any type of wedding —outdoor, indoor, luxurious, intimate, elopement or whimsical ceremony. Wherever you require bridal photography, whether in Wilmington and Jacksonville NC area, or somewhere across the country, Wynona will be there for you. Her extensive background in bridal photography equips her to prepare for any situation. Document everything about the bride; the shoes, the dress, the flowers, the ring, the something borrowed and the something blue.

Wynona Benson specializes in unique and beautiful bridal photographs that celebrate you and your new spouse! Her bridal photographs are full of personality, and are customized to you as a couple. Never forget a single moment of your wedding and let Wynona use her lens to perform magic!