Slide Design Project

This purpose of this project is design an ad that match with the original ad that I've chosen as of it's from the same campaign. And to analysis and use my skills to create a slide to present it.  

I’ve designed this ad to match the Canon 5D Mark III campaign. 

Slide Project Ad.jpg

Below is the original ad. 



As you can see above, I've created this slide presentation. 

Targeted Audience

I've narrowed down my targeted audience to be those that love photography and would like a new professional DSLR camera. Canon 5D Mark III is a top and brand new professional DSLR camera.

Ad Design Analysis

Design: I've decided to use this picture below. Where it's full of life. The little girl jumping on the rocks represents the life that is alive, and worth capturing.

Photo: Wynona Benson

Photo: Wynona Benson

Typography: I used Ariel Black, a font that is similar to the font that the original ad used. Where it's a san serif, giving it a very clean and clear look without distractions, it also blends in, make the message clear, but put the focus on the picture itself. 

Color: I've used a picture with the same color theme - blue. Which gives people a peaceful, trust worthy, and happy feeling. Which represents the trust worthy about the brand and the camera, and a happy feeling about life. I also used white for the logo and the words. Which match the original ad, as well as simple, which brings the focus back to the picture itself, but the message still "pop." 

Slide Design Analysis 

Design: I've decided to use a blue design to cross the page with half white, and half blue, it creates a fun feeling, not so formal. 

Typography: I've used another san serif family font, where it matches the clean and clear look with the design. 

Slide Project - Wynona Benson6.jpg

Color: I used the blue and white combination, which match the design perfectly, easy to audiences' eyes. I also used a light brown background for the word "analysis," where audience can easily identify it's a page for analysis, but yet, it doesn't take over the focus. 


This is a great way to analysis, design, and present new designs. This is a great way to help me design and coordinate something together, where the color, designs, and typography all match as a whole. Analysis designs help me focus on the message behind a design, and in result, help me be a better designer. 

3 Useful Photography Rules

This Reverse Engineer Project is to show three useful photography rules. Which includes Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Depth of Field. 

Rule of Thirds


Photo by Wynona Benson


The couple in this photograph is being placed right on the line, making the most important subject on the line, which is following the Rule of Third. 


Photo by Wynona Benson


The couple in this photograph is also being placed right on the line on the left, making the most important element on the line, which is following the Rule of Third. 

Leading Lines

leading line 4.JPG

Photo by Wynona Benson

leading line 4 drawover.jpg

In this photograph, the line on the beach is leading us to walk across the beach, where our eyes rest at the end. 

leading line.JPG

Photo by Wynona Benson

leading line draw over.jpg

In this photo, the road is a line that is leading us into the forrest. 

Depth of Field


Photo by Wynona Benson


In this photograph, we focus on the candles and leaves, and leave the other candles and table


Photo by Wynona Benson

dof draw over.jpg

In this photograph, we focus on the stoney mountain, and leave the grassy and skyline city view behind, which create such depth of field to focus on the unique stones on Stone Mountain, Georgia. 


There are so many different rules to help us create beautiful images. When an image follow one or more of these rules, it helps us to focus on what the creator wants us to focus, and to understand what the creator is trying to tell us. Even with the exact same setting, but different rule can express different meaning. It's true that a picture says a thousand words. 

Typography Analyze for A Tale of Love and Darkness Poster

This Reverse Engineer Project is to analyze a design's typography. The design is a poster and advertisement for the movie "A Tale of Love and Darkness" that came out in 2015. 

a tale of love and darkness poster.jpg


"A Tale of Love and Darkness" is a movie about Amos Oz, who grew up in 1940s in Jerusalem. Her story of being influenced by her mother, and her journey to become a famous writer. 

Typeface 1


Oldstyle is being used here. We can see serifs, and they are slanted. There are also moderate thick and think transition in the strokes. 

Typeface 2

sans serif.jpg

Sans serif is being used here. There's no serifs anywhere, and there's no thick or thin transition in the strokes. 



There is a contrast in size from the two different typefaces. There is also a contrast with the same typeface for the Oldstyle typeface in the title of the movie, where it's all in Oldstyle typeface, but there's a contrast in size, and in form - cap versus lowercase in the title. There's also a contrast in color, where even with the same typeface, one is in white, and one is in light brown. 


Since there is a great contrast between size and form in the title, it makes the title stand out and more memorable. With the contrast in color, It also helps audience to understand the information clearly. Including the title of the movie, and when will it be showing. With the contrast in color and in size, it shows the film maker's name clearly. Last, but not least, the contrast between the typefaces not only make the title and information stands out, but it also make it clear that this film is an official Cannes Film Selection, which is a very impressive title to show such film is a great film. Finally, I think this is a great poster to advertise about the film without much distractions and fit right into the style of the film.  

AT&T Global Coverage Design Analysis

This Reverse Engineer Project is to analyze a design's contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity and color; and to decide if it's a good design or not. The design is used by AT&T in their advertising campaign to showcase their good coverage across the world. 

ATT Commercial.jpg


AT&T is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate, and is the world largest telecommunications company. This design appears in their advertising campaign. And the purpose of the design is to show that they have coverage even in the most rare areas, including India. 




There are a few contrast here. Including the use of grey for the elephants and a color carpet. Along with the grey elephants contrast with the orange background. The use of white color for the words contrast with the orange background is also another use of contrast in this design. 



The most obvious repetition here are the elephants and the carpets, which is the exact same, except they are facing opposite way. There's also a small repetition with the AT&T logo on the phone. The words are actually part of repetition, where it's all the same font as well. 



In this case, both the picture and the text have the same alignment, which is center. The picture is center, having the same space on the left side, and the right side, as well as up and down. And the text is align in the center above the picture. The phone itself is align in the very center and middle of the design, indicating what's important. 



The design gives a really clear proximity. Including the words that is centered and away from the picture, and stand alone from everything. It gives audience a clear message of "Works in over 200 countries, like India." Even though we can see the elephants, but I also want to point out the space that makes the phone stands out, even though it's the same picture, definitely point out the message of phone service. 



AT&T has its signature color of sky blue color. And this one is no exception. The design uses its signature color as the phone screen background, as well as its logo. And the main message "Works in over 200 countries, including India." is white, stand completely different than the background, or the picture. 


AT&T has done a great job at this design for its advertisement. A simple design that don't confuse audience, and send its message clearly. Its contrast is the key to stand out. Contrast from color, and contrast between picture and text. It makes its message clear by dividing its elements well. And using the right design, including the elephants which are made out of hands with the finger as its nose, in which represent the use of our phone. Overall, it's an amazing design.