Slide Design Project

This purpose of this project is design an ad that match with the original ad that I've chosen as of it's from the same campaign. And to analysis and use my skills to create a slide to present it.  

I’ve designed this ad to match the Canon 5D Mark III campaign. 

Slide Project Ad.jpg

Below is the original ad. 



As you can see above, I've created this slide presentation. 

Targeted Audience

I've narrowed down my targeted audience to be those that love photography and would like a new professional DSLR camera. Canon 5D Mark III is a top and brand new professional DSLR camera.

Ad Design Analysis

Design: I've decided to use this picture below. Where it's full of life. The little girl jumping on the rocks represents the life that is alive, and worth capturing.

Photo: Wynona Benson

Photo: Wynona Benson

Typography: I used Ariel Black, a font that is similar to the font that the original ad used. Where it's a san serif, giving it a very clean and clear look without distractions, it also blends in, make the message clear, but put the focus on the picture itself. 

Color: I've used a picture with the same color theme - blue. Which gives people a peaceful, trust worthy, and happy feeling. Which represents the trust worthy about the brand and the camera, and a happy feeling about life. I also used white for the logo and the words. Which match the original ad, as well as simple, which brings the focus back to the picture itself, but the message still "pop." 

Slide Design Analysis 

Design: I've decided to use a blue design to cross the page with half white, and half blue, it creates a fun feeling, not so formal. 

Typography: I've used another san serif family font, where it matches the clean and clear look with the design. 

Slide Project - Wynona Benson6.jpg

Color: I used the blue and white combination, which match the design perfectly, easy to audiences' eyes. I also used a light brown background for the word "analysis," where audience can easily identify it's a page for analysis, but yet, it doesn't take over the focus. 


This is a great way to analysis, design, and present new designs. This is a great way to help me design and coordinate something together, where the color, designs, and typography all match as a whole. Analysis designs help me focus on the message behind a design, and in result, help me be a better designer.