Magazine Design & Analysis

This purpose of this project is to show basic magazine design rules, and to deliver a message to a specific group of audience. 

I’ve designed this 3 pages magazine for a specific group of audience, which is women. This is a message from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoken in October 2011. He has used the flower “Forget Me Not” as a theme to help us remember who we are — daughters of God, and that we are not forgotten, we are loved, and we need to be patient with ourselves. 

As women, we so often wear so many hats and feel overwhelmed about our everyday life. Such comforting message is appealing to women who are always seeking and needing more comfort. And the blue theme also brings out the same affect. Flowers also go along with it because women loves flowers. 

COMM130 Magazine Project Wynona Benson FINAL.jpg

First, I choose this beautiful forget me not image because most of us recognize the beautiful little flower, that is so beautiful, and yet, little. And with that, I’ve also decided to use the light blue color theme that match the “forget me not” flowers. Light blue also gives a feeling of peace and comfort, which is the message I want to deliver to the women that read this magazine. 

Photo: Wynona Benson

Photo: Wynona Benson


For the second picture, I choose this beautiful picture of my daughter and her great-aunt. I think it represents the beauty of women, including their beautiful smiles, motherhood, love and kindness. I also think it’s a picture that can represent different age group. It’s the perfect picture for the message. 


For the third picture, I choose this picture of a mother and her daughters on the beach. I think it represents the beauty in womanhood and motherhood, where even we are different in age, color, and have different personality and character, we are all daughters of God, and there's beauty in it.

Photo: Wynona Benson

Photo: Wynona Benson

I’ve used InDesign program for this magazine project, created a 3 pages 8.375” x 10.875” magazine. And the beautiful message can be found on for you to further study the message. 

Magazine - Wynona Benson.jpg

For the first page, I’ve used two different typography. It includes Helvetica Neue, which is a Sans-Serif, and Minion Pro, which is an Oldstyle. The contrast between the two typography in the title makes the message stands out, and draw readers’ attention. Oldstyle typography is a great category for a classic read, which fits perfectly for this project. I also used the color white because it gives a clean and neat feeling, as well as softness, which represent women perfectly. Or represent my message of comfort with gentleness perfectly. 

Magazine - Wynona Benson2.jpg

For the second page, I also use two different typography to contrast the subtitles and the content. I used 5 subheadings, and 2 column layout for this message, which is 1,000+ words. I did an image wrap here to add the image to go along with the content. But I did a round, almost like 1/4 circle. A round end makes it easy on the eyes, and less distracting. So the focus is still in the content. I also used a blue frame to add a little color for the white background. It not only add a little color, but to bring the content all together. 

Magazine - Wynona Benson3.jpg

For the third page, again, I use the same blue frame for consistency, as well as picture wrap for consistency as well. But this time, it’s only a 1/4 blue circle, where the focus is in the content and the quote that I pulled out. In the quote, I use the light blue color to contrast the important words in the quote to make the message stands out more. I also use this picture of a mother and her daughters, which represent womanhood, and how beautiful it is! 


This magazine design project has helped me to be more sensitive with the details, and to design with my audience in mind. I am so happy and grateful for this project, and I hope this design and message can benefit many.