Icon Design & Analysis

This purpose of this project is to show basic icon design skills, and to deliver a message to a specific group of audience. 

I’ve designed this 5 icons for a specific group of audience, which is people that do music recording. There are so many things I can do with the music recording industry, but these are some of the icons that I've designed for the things that I've done myself. 

icon project with black background-01.png

I've decided to use black and white for this project simply because it fits better in the music and music recording industry. While color can give a more fun feeling to the audience, but it's not necessary professional in that matter. Black and white give a good, solid and professional touch to the designs. 


This icon represents "play," where music recorder can play what they've worked on so far. 


This icon represents the "piano," where music recorder can click on this one, and start recording the music that is created with the piano. 


This icon represents the "microphone," which can be a vocal, or anything music, beat, or sound effect that are created with the microphone. 


This icon represents the "ear-bugs," which is an individual icon that music creator can listen to an individual track. It goes hand in hand with the "play" icon.  


This icon represents the "harmonica," where music creator can record music that is created with the harmonica. Again, there are so many different icons I can create, including other instruments like violin, cello, drums, etc. 


This icon design project has helped me to pay attention to the details, but yet keep a design simple. An icon shouldn't be too complicated, and should be easy to identify. I also learned the importance of color and how there are colors that fits better with certain designs that are targeted for certain audience and industry. While I love colors, I found that black and white is more appropriate and better fit for my audience. Icons can make websites more fun and communicate better.