AT&T Global Coverage Design Analysis

This Reverse Engineer Project is to analyze a design's contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity and color; and to decide if it's a good design or not. The design is used by AT&T in their advertising campaign to showcase their good coverage across the world. 

ATT Commercial.jpg


AT&T is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate, and is the world largest telecommunications company. This design appears in their advertising campaign. And the purpose of the design is to show that they have coverage even in the most rare areas, including India. 




There are a few contrast here. Including the use of grey for the elephants and a color carpet. Along with the grey elephants contrast with the orange background. The use of white color for the words contrast with the orange background is also another use of contrast in this design. 



The most obvious repetition here are the elephants and the carpets, which is the exact same, except they are facing opposite way. There's also a small repetition with the AT&T logo on the phone. The words are actually part of repetition, where it's all the same font as well. 



In this case, both the picture and the text have the same alignment, which is center. The picture is center, having the same space on the left side, and the right side, as well as up and down. And the text is align in the center above the picture. The phone itself is align in the very center and middle of the design, indicating what's important. 



The design gives a really clear proximity. Including the words that is centered and away from the picture, and stand alone from everything. It gives audience a clear message of "Works in over 200 countries, like India." Even though we can see the elephants, but I also want to point out the space that makes the phone stands out, even though it's the same picture, definitely point out the message of phone service. 



AT&T has its signature color of sky blue color. And this one is no exception. The design uses its signature color as the phone screen background, as well as its logo. And the main message "Works in over 200 countries, including India." is white, stand completely different than the background, or the picture. 


AT&T has done a great job at this design for its advertisement. A simple design that don't confuse audience, and send its message clearly. Its contrast is the key to stand out. Contrast from color, and contrast between picture and text. It makes its message clear by dividing its elements well. And using the right design, including the elephants which are made out of hands with the finger as its nose, in which represent the use of our phone. Overall, it's an amazing design.