Typography Analyze for A Tale of Love and Darkness Poster

This Reverse Engineer Project is to analyze a design's typography. The design is a poster and advertisement for the movie "A Tale of Love and Darkness" that came out in 2015. 

a tale of love and darkness poster.jpg

Link: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cn6P_dsWEAAUT9S.jpg

"A Tale of Love and Darkness" is a movie about Amos Oz, who grew up in 1940s in Jerusalem. Her story of being influenced by her mother, and her journey to become a famous writer. 

Typeface 1


Oldstyle is being used here. We can see serifs, and they are slanted. There are also moderate thick and think transition in the strokes. 

Typeface 2

sans serif.jpg

Sans serif is being used here. There's no serifs anywhere, and there's no thick or thin transition in the strokes. 



There is a contrast in size from the two different typefaces. There is also a contrast with the same typeface for the Oldstyle typeface in the title of the movie, where it's all in Oldstyle typeface, but there's a contrast in size, and in form - cap versus lowercase in the title. There's also a contrast in color, where even with the same typeface, one is in white, and one is in light brown. 


Since there is a great contrast between size and form in the title, it makes the title stand out and more memorable. With the contrast in color, It also helps audience to understand the information clearly. Including the title of the movie, and when will it be showing. With the contrast in color and in size, it shows the film maker's name clearly. Last, but not least, the contrast between the typefaces not only make the title and information stands out, but it also make it clear that this film is an official Cannes Film Selection, which is a very impressive title to show such film is a great film. Finally, I think this is a great poster to advertise about the film without much distractions and fit right into the style of the film.