Creative Ad Design & Analysis

This purpose of this project is design an ad that promote the product for a specific group of audience. Where it promotes the product in hope for them to invest and buy the product. 

I’ve designed this ad with the target audience as 24-34 year old, both male and female, who are in a relationship, and make more than $90,000 a year. With this specific group of audience in mind, I designed this ad for the company Lush, where they make luxury soap with natural ingredients. 

final project final draft.jpg


I've used this photo of a couple. I was looking for a couple that look at each other, holding at each other, which promote the message of intimacy. And this picture is perfect for it. And I used the leaves on an olive tree to draw over the couple, which promote the message of natural. 

I've used this olive tree because the tree root is strong and clear. And I used the Lush olive soap to fill it, where we can obviously see it's a tree, but we can also see their soap. 






And of course, I have to use the picture of the actual olive soap that they have. This is seriously an amazing product, and the color of it is perfect for the design as well.

Yellow is the perfect color to contrast with green, so I decided to use yellow as a background. Which is also easy on the eyes. I've used the Lush font for a fun feel, as well as to represents the brand itself, where it matches perfectly. I also used Arial Black for my call to action, to match Lush logo. Along with the couple, where I think the intimate feeling will attract couples to want to buy it. And the design as a whole, where the couple is part of the tree communicate the message that "you are what you soap," and Lush soap is made out of natural ingredients, where it's unlike so many other brand of soap, it's best for our body. I've also designed the ad for both magazine and Facebook. 

Final Project Facebook.jpg


This design is perfect for my targeted audience, where those individuals having that amount of income would probably want luxury soap, or can afford them. And also value their relationship, as well as health. This is a fun project, and I am also glad I got to do that for a company that I love myself. It also helped me to think about things that truly stand for the product, and all the good reasons and philosiphy behind a specific brand. 

Icon Design & Analysis

This purpose of this project is to show basic icon design skills, and to deliver a message to a specific group of audience. 

I’ve designed this 5 icons for a specific group of audience, which is people that do music recording. There are so many things I can do with the music recording industry, but these are some of the icons that I've designed for the things that I've done myself. 

icon project with black background-01.png

I've decided to use black and white for this project simply because it fits better in the music and music recording industry. While color can give a more fun feeling to the audience, but it's not necessary professional in that matter. Black and white give a good, solid and professional touch to the designs. 


This icon represents "play," where music recorder can play what they've worked on so far. 


This icon represents the "piano," where music recorder can click on this one, and start recording the music that is created with the piano. 


This icon represents the "microphone," which can be a vocal, or anything music, beat, or sound effect that are created with the microphone. 


This icon represents the "ear-bugs," which is an individual icon that music creator can listen to an individual track. It goes hand in hand with the "play" icon.  


This icon represents the "harmonica," where music creator can record music that is created with the harmonica. Again, there are so many different icons I can create, including other instruments like violin, cello, drums, etc. 


This icon design project has helped me to pay attention to the details, but yet keep a design simple. An icon shouldn't be too complicated, and should be easy to identify. I also learned the importance of color and how there are colors that fits better with certain designs that are targeted for certain audience and industry. While I love colors, I found that black and white is more appropriate and better fit for my audience. Icons can make websites more fun and communicate better. 

Magazine Design & Analysis

This purpose of this project is to show basic magazine design rules, and to deliver a message to a specific group of audience. 

I’ve designed this 3 pages magazine for a specific group of audience, which is women. This is a message from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoken in October 2011. He has used the flower “Forget Me Not” as a theme to help us remember who we are — daughters of God, and that we are not forgotten, we are loved, and we need to be patient with ourselves. 

As women, we so often wear so many hats and feel overwhelmed about our everyday life. Such comforting message is appealing to women who are always seeking and needing more comfort. And the blue theme also brings out the same affect. Flowers also go along with it because women loves flowers. 

COMM130 Magazine Project Wynona Benson FINAL.jpg

First, I choose this beautiful forget me not image because most of us recognize the beautiful little flower, that is so beautiful, and yet, little. And with that, I’ve also decided to use the light blue color theme that match the “forget me not” flowers. Light blue also gives a feeling of peace and comfort, which is the message I want to deliver to the women that read this magazine. 

Photo: Wynona Benson

Photo: Wynona Benson


For the second picture, I choose this beautiful picture of my daughter and her great-aunt. I think it represents the beauty of women, including their beautiful smiles, motherhood, love and kindness. I also think it’s a picture that can represent different age group. It’s the perfect picture for the message. 


For the third picture, I choose this picture of a mother and her daughters on the beach. I think it represents the beauty in womanhood and motherhood, where even we are different in age, color, and have different personality and character, we are all daughters of God, and there's beauty in it.

Photo: Wynona Benson

Photo: Wynona Benson

I’ve used InDesign program for this magazine project, created a 3 pages 8.375” x 10.875” magazine. And the beautiful message can be found on for you to further study the message. 

Magazine - Wynona Benson.jpg

For the first page, I’ve used two different typography. It includes Helvetica Neue, which is a Sans-Serif, and Minion Pro, which is an Oldstyle. The contrast between the two typography in the title makes the message stands out, and draw readers’ attention. Oldstyle typography is a great category for a classic read, which fits perfectly for this project. I also used the color white because it gives a clean and neat feeling, as well as softness, which represent women perfectly. Or represent my message of comfort with gentleness perfectly. 

Magazine - Wynona Benson2.jpg

For the second page, I also use two different typography to contrast the subtitles and the content. I used 5 subheadings, and 2 column layout for this message, which is 1,000+ words. I did an image wrap here to add the image to go along with the content. But I did a round, almost like 1/4 circle. A round end makes it easy on the eyes, and less distracting. So the focus is still in the content. I also used a blue frame to add a little color for the white background. It not only add a little color, but to bring the content all together. 

Magazine - Wynona Benson3.jpg

For the third page, again, I use the same blue frame for consistency, as well as picture wrap for consistency as well. But this time, it’s only a 1/4 blue circle, where the focus is in the content and the quote that I pulled out. In the quote, I use the light blue color to contrast the important words in the quote to make the message stands out more. I also use this picture of a mother and her daughters, which represent womanhood, and how beautiful it is! 


This magazine design project has helped me to be more sensitive with the details, and to design with my audience in mind. I am so happy and grateful for this project, and I hope this design and message can benefit many. 

3 Useful Photography Rules

This Reverse Engineer Project is to show three useful photography rules. Which includes Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Depth of Field. 

Rule of Thirds


Photo by Wynona Benson


The couple in this photograph is being placed right on the line, making the most important subject on the line, which is following the Rule of Third. 


Photo by Wynona Benson


The couple in this photograph is also being placed right on the line on the left, making the most important element on the line, which is following the Rule of Third. 

Leading Lines

leading line 4.JPG

Photo by Wynona Benson

leading line 4 drawover.jpg

In this photograph, the line on the beach is leading us to walk across the beach, where our eyes rest at the end. 

leading line.JPG

Photo by Wynona Benson

leading line draw over.jpg

In this photo, the road is a line that is leading us into the forrest. 

Depth of Field


Photo by Wynona Benson


In this photograph, we focus on the candles and leaves, and leave the other candles and table


Photo by Wynona Benson

dof draw over.jpg

In this photograph, we focus on the stoney mountain, and leave the grassy and skyline city view behind, which create such depth of field to focus on the unique stones on Stone Mountain, Georgia. 


There are so many different rules to help us create beautiful images. When an image follow one or more of these rules, it helps us to focus on what the creator wants us to focus, and to understand what the creator is trying to tell us. Even with the exact same setting, but different rule can express different meaning. It's true that a picture says a thousand words. 

Typography Analyze for A Tale of Love and Darkness Poster

This Reverse Engineer Project is to analyze a design's typography. The design is a poster and advertisement for the movie "A Tale of Love and Darkness" that came out in 2015. 

a tale of love and darkness poster.jpg


"A Tale of Love and Darkness" is a movie about Amos Oz, who grew up in 1940s in Jerusalem. Her story of being influenced by her mother, and her journey to become a famous writer. 

Typeface 1


Oldstyle is being used here. We can see serifs, and they are slanted. There are also moderate thick and think transition in the strokes. 

Typeface 2

sans serif.jpg

Sans serif is being used here. There's no serifs anywhere, and there's no thick or thin transition in the strokes. 



There is a contrast in size from the two different typefaces. There is also a contrast with the same typeface for the Oldstyle typeface in the title of the movie, where it's all in Oldstyle typeface, but there's a contrast in size, and in form - cap versus lowercase in the title. There's also a contrast in color, where even with the same typeface, one is in white, and one is in light brown. 


Since there is a great contrast between size and form in the title, it makes the title stand out and more memorable. With the contrast in color, It also helps audience to understand the information clearly. Including the title of the movie, and when will it be showing. With the contrast in color and in size, it shows the film maker's name clearly. Last, but not least, the contrast between the typefaces not only make the title and information stands out, but it also make it clear that this film is an official Cannes Film Selection, which is a very impressive title to show such film is a great film. Finally, I think this is a great poster to advertise about the film without much distractions and fit right into the style of the film.