Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Venue:
The Lion House

The Lion House, Salt Lake City Utah


The Lion House is one of the most beautiful venue in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has a historic, peaceful, and beautiful scenario. The Lion House was built in 1856, and just near the corner of South Temple and State Street, just one block east of Temple Square.  The Lion House garden outdoor is perfect for luncheon and reception, or even a small ceremony.  If you are looking for wedding venue in Salt Lake City, Utah, especially a place to have outdoor wedding, The Lion House is the place to be. Truman Angell, who designed the beautiful Salt Lake LDS Temple is also the designer of The Lion House.  It's best fit elegant, and authentic couples who want a sweet and simple wedding.  It is the most popular venue for an outdoor reception and luncheon.

The Lion House is one of our favorite venues in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Their most popular signature rolls are our favorite (So as our couples and their guests)!  Their amazing customer service always impress us.  We love outdoor garden wedding more than anything, but when it comes to extreme weather, their indoor room is always available for couples that book their garden.  Not to mention they have beautiful antique furnitures beautifully decorated around the house.  Our couples love them as much as we love them for their excellent experience that they provide, not only for you, but for your guests and vendors.  

See what brides are saying:
“The Lion House is a super cute wedding venue, and we are so glad we book them for our luncheon.  Luncheon is for our most important family and friends, and I can’t think of a better place to be with them on our special day.  Wynona capture us and the lion house way better than the pictures on their own website, and truly brings so much good memories for years to come.” - Catherine

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Salt Lake City, Utah,  The Lion House is the perfect place for an outdoor ceremony, outdoor reception, and outdoor luncheon.