Senior Portrait Styles Wilmington NC

Every high school senior needs senior portraits with which to celebrate and remember the huge accomplishment of graduating high school. These portraits are great for yearbooks or graduation announcements, but their worth is far reaching. These photos represent a huge milestone. Looking back, both you and your senior will treasure these photos as they remind you of their accomplishments.

When planning your senior portrait session it is important to consider styles. There are a variety of different photographic styles that can be used, and each has its own special qualities. Candid portrait photographs are the kind of photo in which the subjects may be unaware of the photo being taken. In these photos, the senior would not be looking at the camera, rather he or she would be pictured engaging in some type of activity. Posed portrait photography, on the other hand, is a style where the subject is posed in a specific way, and is looking at the camera. Formal portrait photography is a more serious type of photography that is usually used for business or other formal occasions. An environmental portrait is one in which the environment of the photo is very important and prominent in the photo, more so than the subject’s expression. You can also choose between close ups, upper body photos, or full body photos.

Wynona Benson is a skilled photographer that has a great deal of experience working with high school seniors. In fact, she has worked with seniors at all the local Wilmington NC high schools, including Ashley, Hoggard, Laney, New Hanover, and Wilmington Early College.

There are many beautiful places in Wilmington, NC for senior portraits. As a resident of the area Wynona knows of many great locations to take your senior portraits, and she would love to share those with you.

If you would like to further inquire about Wynona’s services, or book her for a senior portrait session, please fill out a form on her contact page.