Prom Photos Wilmington NC

It’s the night of all nights― Prom! Don’t rely on dad’s shaky camera skills or poor-quality phone pictures. Hire a professional photographer for your prom photos! Wynona Benson is a professional photographer in Wilmington, NC with years of experience documenting high school proms. Take prom photos you’ll be proud to showcase!

Prom is a special time in every high school student’s life. The dress, the tux, the flowers, the shoes, it all comes together for one night. You want to relive that night? You want to remember every aspect of prom? Why not ask Wynona to help you get all the important shots, from putting on the corsage to big, crazy group photos.

Wynona is well-acquainted with the area and can suggest a variety of great locations and backdrops for your prom photos. Prefer to take them at home or got an idea for a location? Wynona can travel to you for your perfect prom pictures. This is your prom, so get pictures just the way you want them to be.

By hiring a professional prom photographer, you (and your parents) can relax and just have fun on the night! Don’t stress out about getting photos with your date, your friends, and the whole group. Let Wynona take care of it all. She’ll ensure you get all the poses you want, and you can focus on having fun. Don’t worry about a full memory card or a dying battery, Wynona is always ready to capture candid moments or posing. She’ll ensure to create memories to last a lifetime.

Printed prom photos are great as a gift for family, teachers, and friends. Say goodbye (for now) with a set of gorgeous prom photos starring you! Show off your dress, shoes, and date by posting your prom photos to social media for all to see.

No matter how you choose to take your prom photos, know that they will be fantastic when you book with Wynona Benson. Her years of experience will guarantee you a set of photos you will treasure now and in the future. Contact Wynona Benson and book her for your prom photos in Wilmington NC today.