High School Senior Photographer Wilmington, NC

Graduating high school is an incredible accomplishment, and when it comes time for your senior to graduate, they will need a great senior portrait. High school senior photos are typically molded to the senior’s personality and interests. Given that every senior is different, it is important for their photos to reflect their unique personalities.

Each student may choose to include different elements and props in their photos that will help showcase his or her unique personality. Musicians love to be pictured with their instruments, athletes with their letterman jackets or footballs, and cheerleaders with their pompoms. They can also go for a more collegiate look and wear their cap and gown.

There are many uses for senior portraits. These are great for yearbooks, but can also be used for many other things. For one, they are a great way to announce graduation! Family and friends will love to see their unique senior portrait. They can also be printed to wallet size images, and given to friends, teachers, and family members as parting gifts when they go off to college.

When selecting a high school senior photographer it is important to hire someone that will make the senior feel comfortable and have fun. This will lead to the best photos. Wynona is a professional photographer that specializes in making her clients feel comfortable and let loose. Wynona has worked with seniors at all the local Wilmington NC high schools, including Ashley, Hoggard, Laney, New Hanover, and Wilmington Early College. You can see her work in yearbooks across the area. She knows how to help get the best poses and wardrobe, for senior photos you will be proud of!

If you would like to further inquire about Wynona’s services, or book her for senior photos, please contact her through her contact page.