Customized Senior Portraits Wilmington, NC

Once it comes time for your high school senior to graduate, you will need senior portraits to announce and celebrate this accomplishment. Wynona Benson is a skilled photographer local to the Wilmington and Jacksonville, North Carolina area who can help you take amazing photographs of your senior. Every high school student has gone through a unique path, and has a unique personality and interests. Thus, their senior photos should reflect their individuality. Through her customized senior portraits, Wynona will allow your senior to showcase his or her unique personality.

Senior portraits can be customized through unique outfit or prop choices. Students should choose a wardrobe and props that will reflect their interests. For example, athletes may be pictured with their letterman jackets, musicians with their instruments, or future doctors with a stethoscope. These photos should be reflective of the student’s past accomplishments or future endeavors.

These portraits will be treasured by the seniors, along with their family and friends. They will provide as a reminder of their accomplishments during their last 12 years of education. They are also a great way to announce the senior’s graduation.

Wynona has worked with seniors at all the local Wilmington NC high schools, including Ashley, Hoggard, Laney, New Hanover, and Wilmington Early College. You can see her work in yearbooks across the area. Her experience with high school senior portraits makes her the ideal photographer for customized senior portraits. She knows exactly how to direct seniors, and how to make them feel at ease.

If you are looking for a photographer to take your customized senior portraits, Wynona would love to work with you. To further inquire about her services, or book her for a session, please fill out a form on her contact page. She would love to hear from you!