College Graduation Photography Wilmington NC

When your child is graduating from college, nothing says “Congrats” like a college graduation photography session! Wynona Benson enjoys capturing such an important accomplishment in photos. A member of the Wilmington community, Wynona knows how to take great photos of your college grad!

A college graduation photography session encapsulates your child’s achievement. Your proud grad can share these photos with his friends and you can showcase them at home. A professional graduation photo is a great choice for any grad announcement or graduation party invitation. Graduation photos are also a great choice to use as social media profile pictures!

When it comes to college graduation photography, there are a variety of options. Some students may elect to show off their school spirit by wearing gear and colors to support their college or university. They’ll never forget those treasured college days with a spirited photo shoot. Many college grads choose to take photos in their cap and gown. And let’s not forget, the classic graduation photo, complete with diploma, a great choice as well.

Some students may want a fun photo shoot where they can represent their interests. For student athletes, a photography session in their jersey or sports uniform is a great way to commemorate their time on their college team. Students in the arts may choose to pose with their instrument or materials.

College graduation photos are something to be treasured for decades. Graduates will love looking at these photos years later –and so will their families. Consider professional college graduation photography for all your children, and then create a display to showcase their achievements!

Wynona is a Wilmington, NC native and is very knowledgeable about locations in the area. Whether you want your graduation photographs taken outside or inside, she can help you find the perfect location. Any college graduate living in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area will love taking photos with Wynona.

When it comes time for college graduate photography in your family, Wynona can help you create beautiful memories. Book your college graduation photography with Wynona Benson today.