Evelyn's Senior Portraits

I don’t usually blog about senior portraits, but I have to blog Evelyn’s senior portraits because she deserves it, and you deserve it.  A few months ago I got this email, sound like a typical day, got emails, reply emails.  But this time, it’s a senior portrait inquire.  And let’s be honest, how many college students graduate and get their senior and graduation portraits done?  Or I should ask how many college students graduate and still have any fund to do anything really.

If you are reading right now, I need to tell you one important thing.  You are graduating from college, it’s a HUGE milestone, and you really should celebrate and document it.  Evelyn is the very first person who graduate from college, and on top of that, she is moving onto her journey to be a teacher.  When I met with her, I feel immediate connection with her because I know how it feels to do everything to accomplish something, just so we can give back.  It’s fulfilling.

Evelyn is graduating from UNCW, and she is going to be a teacher.  I am so proud of her.  We celebrate our birth, our first birthday, or every birthday really, document these for the most part. And then of course comes high school graduation, and you get your senior portraits done.  And a lot of people miss this important milestone of graduating from college, and then move onto your wedding, and so on.  Guys! You want your kids, or even grandkids to see pictures of you when you went to college, or in this specific case too, went to college in this beach town.  You might never even go to the beach when you go home, where there is no beach.  You want this glorious moment and all the memories that come with it to be documented.

What I’m trying to say is I am so proud of it, from the bottom of my heart.  Moments like this is so worth documenting it, and you will thank me later.  It’s never too late.  Happy Graduation! 

UNCW Graduation Senior Portraits

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