What should I do with my hair?

What should I do with my hair?  That’s a question I ask myself everyday too.  Especially on your wedding day, or prom day.  After working with my amazing clients who always have amazing hairs, and countless fabulous hair and makeup artist.  There are a few suggestions.

  1. Pinterest
    Pinterest is such an amazing tool to get inspirations and to gather some amazing examples to show your hair and makeup artist.  But remember, it’s just a tool to give you some ideas, and the rest it’s all about the creativity of yours and your hair & makeup artist. 
  2. Trust your Hair & Make Up Artist
    You know what I do when I get my hair done?  I always tell my hairstylist to surprise me!  That’s how much I trust her.  I tell her how I feel, maybe I want a fresh look, or maybe I want to stay elegant.  And I will let her do the rest.  What?  And I love it every time.  No matter it’s a new color, or a whole different style, I love it. 
  3. Don’t be too critical to yourself
    We truly are our biggest critics.  You are beautiful!  And you need to know it.  You are beautiful when you know that you are.  We are all unique, and you don’t want to be a copy version of someone else, trust me.
  4. Be honest and communicate
    The last thing you need to know in the end is you need to be honest with yourself, and truly communicate it.  If my hair & make up artist put purple on my hair, or hot pink lipsticks, I know that’s not me, and I have to be totally honest, and communicate it, and let them fix it.  Here’s the thing though, my stylist already know who I truly am, and they most likely won’t do it that way.

It really shows how important it is to choose the vendors that are truly a great fit with you.  We know first hand that we love our clients, and they became our new friends instantly.  We might be your vendor, but we are also your friends who want to celebrate with you!  Doesn’t it just makes a wedding day sound so much more fun?  Now go and enjoy some pretty hair and we can’t wait to photograph yours!  

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