What is a first look?

What is a first look?  First look has became more and more popular through the years, but many brides ask that question because they are not really sure what it means.  A first look is a moment set up by the couple’s wedding photographers for the bride and groom to see each other for the very first time before the ceremony.  A lot of our couples love doing a first look because of a few reasons:

First, the groom get to see his bride first.  Normally, the groom is going to see his bride for the very first time, with everyone else, at the end of the aisle.  But what do you think about taking a moment to really get to see your bride for the first time all by yourself?  Our couples love doing a first look so the groom can see his bride in her stunning dress for the first time, all by himself.  You’re right, if you don’t want to share her with the others.  A first look might just be the best thing for you.

Second, you get to have a moment just for yourself.  A wedding day is filled with your favorite people in the entire world.  But what do you think about taking a little moment just for the two of you on this special day?  We believe a wedding is an important family history, but we also believe it’s between the two of you, and you deserve to have a moment just for yourself, especially such a special moment of seeing your bride in her dress for the very first time.  You can take a moment, exchange gifts, or even swing around and have a little dance, just the two of you.  And guess what?  You also get to do your bride & groom portraits before the ceremony, so when the ceremony is over, you get to relax and party with everyone else, and truly enjoy your wedding.  

Third, you will have the best wedding pictures to be remembered forever.  Why?  Because on top of bride & groom portraits, most couples that do first look also schedule their picture time at the same time.  After your first look and bridal portraits, you can have your wedding party pictures, or even family pictures.  Instead of spending 15 minutes only on portraits, and rushing and stressing, you get to have an hour or two for your pictures, before everyone come in, and before you get too stressed out.  And by the end of the ceremony, when you just want to party with everyone, you really do get to party.  And what’s even better?  You get to party, but you also get the best wedding pictures because you have already done it.  

Now, what about LDS Weddings?  Or Mormon weddings?  Most Mormon couples that get married in LDS temples don’t get to see each other, and they only see each other for the very first time right before they step out of the temple, where pictures are not allowed.  Here’s what my LDS wedding couples do.

First, you do your first look at your bridal session.  Most LDS couples like to do a bridal session before the actual wedding day.  Since it’ll just be the two of you all dressed up already, why not do a first look as well?  And guess what?  You also get to have a stress free first look.

Second, if you are not doing a bridal session, meaning you are only doing your bridal pictures after the ceremony, you can still do a first look.  How?  You know the temple has many entrances and exits.  You can most certain do a first look outside of the temple by exiting the temple with the exit that is not where everyone’s waiting for you.  Ta-Da!  It might be just a little complicated, but I’ve done it, and it worked.  And then you can exit again where everyone’s waiting.  So you get to enjoy the moment for just the two of you, but you also get to celebrate with everyone.  

By the end of the day, it’s your decision to decide if you want to do a first look or not.  Let us know what do you think?  Can’t wait to photograph your wedding! 

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