Gorgeous Engagement on the Beach | Kim & Tom

There is nothing better than spending a day on the beach, with the salty breeze and warm sand. Especially when it comes to an engagement session.  A romantic walk on the beach, and some intimate little moments of love compliment with the sound of wave. 

Kim and Tom met in the beautiful coastal city of Wilmington, NC. That proves that love will always find its way. Tom is from Scotland if you can't tell from his beard, and Kim is from Virginia. Tom came here as a professional soccer player, and Kim came here for college. Falling in love wasn’t what they were expecting when they came. But love brings them together in a place that they never expect.  They both came here for a reason, and fall in love with the beach. The deep blue eyes got Kim from the first place, and the blonde hair got Tom, so naturally the gorgeous aqua blue Ocean with the golden sand was the perfect backdrop for them. Not to mention the unique blue diamond ring that is absolutely one of a kind. 

This romantic, intimate, and fun engagement session was the perfect way to celebrate their engagement, and will forever be one of our favorite love stories.  See more on Trendy Bride

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