Love Your Community


There are so many reasons I love my job, and many more reasons why I love my community. For those who don’t know, I had a blog, and I needed a start over, so I deleted my entire blog, you got that right, my entire blog, and planned to take a little break, and start a new blog in 2016. Little did I know, The Rising Tide Society Summit started last night, and all of a sudden, I asked myself, what am I waiting for? I already deleted my old blog, I can start a new blog anytime, and it will still be a new blog no matter I start now, or later.


So here I am, starting a new blog, and the very first thing I want to write is my community. I am so grateful for such an amazing community! Here in North Carolina, and my Rising Tide family. There are lots of reasons you should love your community!

1. They are family
I love my family! Think about what’s better than having a family outside of your own family, in specifically at work? We all have different talents, and we help each other grow. I believe in Community Over Competition, you can make a difference, and you make it a better world. Ohana, we laugh together, grow together, help and love each other.

2. They need you, and you need them
I am not a community, and I certainly can’t make a community all by myself. It takes more than one to make a community. This is the time when you share your talent to the others, and others need your talent to make things work as well. We grow by lifting each other. And we grow bigger, we grow better.

3. They are your life
If you are reading this, I know for a fact that you love what you do! And so am I, so are those who are also reading it. It’s your passion, it’s your life. And they also understand what it’s like to put everything that you have for your business that you love. They support you as much as you support them. They are your life, and you are theirs. 

I just our growing community, there's so much more than just a bunch of people together, we learn, and we grow together! Now it's the time you go and love your community! :) 

Wynona Benson2 Comments