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“Being some of the lucky people to become wedding photographers in Southeastern Idaho is sometimes unreal because the area is truly beautiful and filled with historic view and beautiful mountains and hills. The green and hilly mountains provide a timeless background for our wedding photography. We have seen our share of historic downtown buildings, the beautiful rocky mountains, and green parks. But at every wedding, we are amazed at how the beautiful rocky city of Pocatello comes alive to illuminate the couple on their magical day. Being Southeast Idaho Wedding Photographers and Pocatello Family Photographers is truly a privilege. This city is truly beautifully crafted by our Mighty Father in Heaven.”


About Joshua & Wynona...
Idaho Family Photographers — Wynona Benson Photography

There is nothing more important in your life than family, and as photographers, there's no greater honor than to capture just that. There's also nothing more important than the love that you have as a family, and it brings us more pride and joy to capture your love as a family for you. Idaho has so much to offer. The scenery is perfect for any family wanting to document and celebrate their family. And all the choices from a little picnic on the mountain, to a walk downtown to photograph your family. While we are not natives here, we fell in love with this gorgeous city, moved from a coastal town to the complete opposite of the mountain. We feel so welcomed and we have never been more excited about life than we are now. We are Family Photographers in Pocatello ID.  We love photographing Idaho families, we believe in marriages and families. We would also love if you would visit our blog where you can browse many family galleries. We also have a blog with our inspirational entrepreneur journey. So, take a moment, imagine what would that be to have us photograph your special moments. It’s our hope that our work will find a place in your imagination.

From our experience in one side of the world, to the other. We’ve captured families across the globe (literally!). We love all the people that we’ve photographed, and their story of life. We’ve also photographed families of two, to a big family reunion of 50+ people. Here, you can find out more about how to choose the perfect family portrait photographer for your family, as well as 10 tips for taking pictures of your kids. As parents ourselves, we believe in having our annual (or sometimes quarterly) family portraits done by a professional family photographer, but we also believe in the day-to-day moments that are worth capturing. We hope you enjoy these tips, and we hope to meet you soon!