Once upon a time...

It was magical, our love story is something right out of a fairy-tale.  

The year of 2009, I was 18 and he was 19, our fathers had dragged us both to a reunion somewhere in the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong.  It was a semi-formal event so everyone was dressed up in shirts, ties and dresses.  Of course my dad had asked me to take pictures.  So there I was, in my shirt and blouse up on the stage taking pictures of everyone there, and then BAM!  It happened...   There he was, curly blonde hair, sleeves rolled up and his bright yellow tie slightly off center...and he was staring at...Me!  It was love at first sight, I couldn't help steal a couple candid shots of him but I knew he saw me cause his eyes were never off me for long, he had this cute smile that seemed to touch my heart.  Before I knew it the event was over and I tried to make way to through the crowd, I had to talk to him!  And then there he was in front of me, I couldn't breathe.  It was the most beautiful awkward conversation I've ever had with anyone, neither of us seemed able to get the words out right.  We were all nervous laughs and smiles, and then he asked if we could take a picture together.  Ah!  I will never forget that feeling of his arms around me holding me close.  And now he's mine forever.

For the next two years we wrote letters back and forth.  You know, I still think there's something about the old school style that really brings you close to someone.  I kept every letter and every once in a while I pull them out just to remember the sweet words we shared back and forth.  

I always hoped we would become something more than just lovers on paper.  One day he asks me if I would fly to Atlanta to spend Christmas with him and his family.  It felt like I could barely keep my heart in my chest, I was going to finally be with this boy, the love of my life.  

We were together there for only a week before he popped the question.  It was by some random fountain in the Piedmont Park and I don't really quite remember much of the details of the night, I was too caught up in his every word, in every touch we shared...he wanted me the same way I wanted him.  We were going to be getting married!!

We were engaged long distance for one last semester of school before we were married.  The longest semester of my life!  But the day came and went all in a blur and now I'm with this wonderful man every day and will be for the rest of my life.  

We have two little girls and a little boy right now and life couldn't be happier. We believe children are blessings from God, and that they are one of the many reasons for us to fall in love over and over again. 

See? everyone have a story. And yet, every single story is unique, and yet as amazing as the others. It's the story that you created, and creating. We love telling our own story, and we love telling your story!