Our Photography Style

Timeless Engagement Photograph | Wynona Benson Photography

Our photography style is timeless, classic, and authentic. There are so much more than just three words. These are the words that truly spoke to our hearts through our work, and these are the words that you want for your photographs. 

Timeless, meaning eternal and everlasting. We believe marriage and family are eternal. We believe we capture those moments that are eternal; the first kiss as a married couple, the snuggle with your family. The photographs that will be cherished from generations after generations with a touch of endless love. 

Classic, meaning the standard, that we are the standard, and we are the model. Classic also means enduring interest, quality, and style. Our style is clear and true to the color. A style that focus on the true emotions and true moments. The style that when you share your wedding album with your great grandchildren, they will admire your love through the images, and you will fall in love again and again. Photographs that don’t get lost in color, but in love. 

Authentic, meaning genuine and real. We believe in the good moments, and the bad moments. and we capture all. We want you to remember the true moments that are truly precious, the real moments that will still bring joyful tears in your eyes when you see it, again and again; and the pictures that you will still laugh about it years from now.

You might ask, what about in an extreme lighting condition? While we love and adore the beautiful sunlight, we believe creating such images should not be limited by it. We believe that only through timeless, classic and authentic photographs can you capture the truly precious moments. It's not about being limited by the lighting, the sunlight, or the physical colors around you. It is all about what is truly important, capturing the true colors of you.