We Made Entrepreneurship

There are so many things that we learn each day, and I wish I have a brain that I can remember every single little things. One thing that I believe is all humans were born entrepreneur, in one way or the other. We made entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is all about people, our connections, and our resources.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is it’s not always easy, and we need to dream big! However, we also need to come to a realization that we need to take baby steps. I can recall when I first started to train for my cross country team in High School. It was one of the hardest day of my life, I started feeling embarrassed when I saw everyone passing me, and I have no control of my legs, nor my breathing. And it all seems like not long after I have all the cups and medals that I wanted on my wall. It’s all about dreaming big, to have big dreams and goals, and to take action and achieve it one by one.

There are times you might feel like the grass is greener on the other side, and you feel like you started at the same time, and how did that even happen? And I learn that there are so many reasons to be complaining about life, but there are more reasons to be happy about life. They might work harder than we thought, people work when we are not watching, when you are; in fact, having fun. We can also work smart. There are certainly no shortcuts in life, but there are ways that we can work smarter. Instead of thinking about a road that bring you straight to the finish line, maybe you can get better running shoes, or train a little more, so you can really run faster on the same road.

After all, it’s better to enjoy the journey. 

Wynona BensonComment