Think Big

This week, I was reminded to think big.  Do you feel like you’re not lucky?  Do you feel like you’re not good enough?  Do you feel like maybe you can’t really do it?  Maybe?  I certainly have.

I was reminded that to think big is not just about dreaming.  When there are a lot on my plate, and I almost feel lost because I feel so overwhelmed, I was reminded to dream big, and to do whatever it takes to get it.  Some people ask me, how do I do what I do?  What if I told you, I was at your place just a few years ago?  If you want to be at wherever you want to be, you better start it now.  I remember when I left college because I was getting married, and I didn’t get to go back (you know, life gets a little crazy) until later, I was watching all my friends who went out to college with me, who actually went to the same class with me, party with me, etc.  Graduated from the college I first went to.  That moment, I felt empty, and I told myself, I am going to get there.  I am going to graduate, at the right place, at the right time.

Thinking big is not just about dreaming, it’s about dreaming big, and making plans, and doing things one step at a time, to get closer one step at a time, and to do the right things, and do it consistently.  Thinking big is about thinking outside of the box, keep learning, and keep trying, and finding the right things to do, at the right timing.  It’s not easy, but it’s certainly a fun journey if you are a true entrepreneur who is loving what you do.

Check out how to be a true leader, it will certainly help you think bigger. 

Wynona BensonComment