Simple & Little Things

Why is it the simple and little things so important?  Imagine the everyday tax, putting the mileage that you just put on your car to travel to a client’s meeting, or simply check your calendar for another meeting in 2 days.  Maybe that’s a little too crazy for your business, or maybe you want to outsource those things.  But you still need to remember to call your CPA.  Now what about the little things in life?  Did you remember to kiss your spouse before you leave for work today?  Did you eat?  Especially for a lot of us that work from home.  Did you even brush your teeth?  Ewwww.  But it’s real life.

Now you are probably thinking, the simple and little things really are so important.  And here’s why we think it’s important.

First, it’s the little things that make healthy habits.  Imagine what we just talked about.  Once you forgot to brush your teeth for one day, you will start forgetting more and more.  Am I right?  But by brushing your teeth everyday, you make a healthy habit, and you will most likely remember to brush your teeth next time before anything.  Maybe this is not for you, but this surely is for my daughter, and maybe yours too!

Second, it’s the little things that make great things.  I am going to talk about Steve Jobs again.  You know, I love his work.  Can you imagine a multi billion company run by one person?  He surely has his wisdom and power, but Apple also has 66,000 employees who work throughout the whole world.  And you can do the math, it’s little by little, and you make one great company.  I think about it this way for my own business, by doing the simple and little things, we are making great things happening.  

So before you think you’re not making any progress, or not good enough.  Think again.  And keep doing the little things.  Be diligent.  And be smart.  

Wynona BensonComment