Loyalty to God and Family

This week, I gained a deeper understanding and feeling for putting God and family before business/work.  I learned that there are a few things we can do to balance our lives better.

First, we must put God first.  So what’s that really mean?  I believe we should always make time to study the scriptures, no matter is scriptures of old, or modern day scriptures - the words of a living prophet.  I also believe we should fulfill our church callings, to make time for it as well.  And really do our job.  Instead of just saying yes without action, we should really consider doing it.  And of course, our daily prayers.  We should always pray morning and night, and I believe we need prayers more than twice a day.

Second, we must make time for family.  One of the many ways, and for me, is the best way, is to always have dinner as a family.  I also believe we should have family outings, when we can spend time as a family, to do fun things together, and grow together.  Some of my favorite family time was actually playing music instruments and singing together as a family.  I also believe in taking the time to have family home evening.  When a family come together to worship and teach one another, we draw closer to God together.

Third, we must make rules.  Rules are meant to guide us.  Setting rules is a good way to set and clarify our boundaries.  For example, we could set a rule of no emails at dinner table.  It’s a great rule to help us focus on where we are, and what’s in front of us; instead of always being in one place in your mind when you’re in another place physically.

I believe as we keep our loyalty to God and to our family, we will be better and more successful entrepreneur, husband/wife, father/mother, and disciples of Christ.   

Wynona BensonComment