Be passionate and love what you do

This week, I was reminded that there are so much more than just doing what you do.  I read about Magdalena Yesil and her story.  I believe we all have lots of talents, and I also believe we can do well in a lot of them.  But to truly find what you really love, and what you’re passion about, it’s a whole different story.  Yesil found her true passion, and she will do anything, and all that it takes to get her what she wants.  This is the fire that we all as entrepreneurs should have.  And it’s such a great reminder for me to keep that fire through life.  Even if you truly enjoy what you do, life is life.  There are ups and downs, and only through that burning fire can we overcome to pouring rain that we experience sometimes.

On the other hand, I love that she does a little bit of everything, experimenting everything even though she is so good already.  I often think, people graduated from Stanford like her, or Harvard, or Yale, and so on, what do they need to worry about?  I realize we are all experiencing one trial or another in one way or the other.  And in order to find the path that we should be on, we must experiment and not to be afraid to try new things.  Just like when I first started my photography business, I would have never thought that I will be a film photographer in this digitalized world.  After all, my business really is the extension of my heart.  Love it, live it, be passionate about it.