A True Leader

Have you ever thought about what is it like to be a true leader?  Or what is it like to be a true leader as an entrepreneur?  Some of my favorite leaders as entrepreneurs are not the ones who are too busy for their own glory, but the ones who are so down to earth, and get to your level.  I have simplified a few thoughts that I learned and have below. 

  1. We must learn to trust, and we must be a trustworthy person
    When you trust people, they will trust you back.  This is probably one of the best reminders I’ve had this week.  Do we want to be a trustworthy person? 
    This week, I’ve learned that we need to trust people.  And we need to trust them hard.  In this world, we are so often wondering every step that we walk, and wonder if that person in front of us is going to take advantage of you.  But think about this, what if the first thing in your mind is, how can I help that person?  Instead of how can that person help me?  And imagine what if everyone think that way as well?  Of course, the world is not going to be as perfect as we wanted, but it starts somewhere, and it can starts within ourselves.  Such questions remind me of the greatest example — our Savior.  He lives a live of service, and He is the greatest example of thinking about the others, and putting the others before himself.
  2. A true leader is a person who takes others to higher ground
    Another thing that I learned was that a true leader is a person who takes others to higher ground.  Are we a true leader?  Are we standing up for or against important issues these days?  I think in order for us to stand up for things, we first must hold our values and standards.  For example, as much as I love serving the others, I also need to make a living.  If you can’t take care of yourself, and your family, how can you take care of the others?  And if you don’t care of your family first, how can you tell people to do what they love, and to take care of their family as well?
  3. A true leader ask the right question, and adapt changes
    "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change." - Charles Darwin
    We must learn to keep learning, and we must learn something everyday.  The most important capability is to ask a question, and hear the answer.  For example, customer satisfaction can really tell if a business is good or not.  If we ask the right questions, we can learn what our customers want, and what to improve, and not to be afraid to take risks.  We must have the ability to take risk, the ability to celebrate new ideas, and try new things.  

Remember, good is the enemy of great.  Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but rather the ability to act in the face of it.  If everything seems too much or too complicated to you, remember leading and doing all in love.  “We love him, because he first loved us.”  Everything He has done for us, He has done because of His great love for His Father and His perfect love for us.  We must lead with love, with vision, and by example.  

Wynona BensonComment