7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I always think when you do something you really should do it because you love it.  But this week, I was reminded once again you really should do something because you love it and because you’re passionate about it.  And I want to give this simple reminder from Guy Kawasaki to you, too; which is, whatever you’re building, you build it because you love it.  There are people in this world that build something simply because of the money, and there are people build something because they want to change the world, and there are people that build something simply because they love it.  Kawasaki also remind us that if you’re going to school, don’t rush to try to get into this world and work, instead take as light courses as possible so you can truly learn and enjoy.  I personally think it applies to every stage of learning.  While it’s true that we all know about college is a stage of learning before you enter to this real world; however, I think life is a constant learning stage.  And I think we should always be learning, and always taking the time to learn and enjoy life.  As we take the time to learn, we learn more; and as we take the time to rest and enjoy life, we find joy in the journey.

I learned about 7 habits that highly effective people have, and I think it’s worth sharing.

1. Be productive
Remember I talked about being productive does not means being busy?  I believe as we use our time wisely, we can get things done faster, which in result, get the result faster as well.  Or on the other hand, get to move to the next stage sooner.  How awesome is that?  

2. Begin with the end in mind
If we have the mind set of what victories mean in our mind from the beginning, I believe we will all try a little harder, and work a little smarter, and be a little more happier.  That was one thing that I’ve never thought about.  I have always thought I need to humble myself, and not think about win or lost, but we can always keep the victory in our mind as we go, and it surely does help us be more productive.  And we will talk a little more about winning or what not in just a minute. 

3. First things first
What’s more important than the others?  I believe in putting your priority straight.  First things first, and then the rest will come.  

4. Think “win-win”
This is what I wanted to talk about.  I have always think there is such thing is win-win.  And such study about highly effective people habits is a proof for me.  As we think about our friends, partners, or even competitors for their win.  And as we all think about each other, we will all be helping each other win.  And how?  You’ll figure that out.  Remember, I am not telling you to give everything that you have, instead, to help the others does not simply means to give up yourself.  

5. First seek to understand, then seek to be understood
Have you been trying to have people to understand you?  I have.  And I have learned a valuable lesson about to seek to understand first before seeking to be understood.  I believe as we try to understand the others first, we not only help ourselves to be more patience, but also to show love for the others, and the others will try to understand you more.

6. Create Synergy
It’s back to the win-win situation, if everyone is trying to help the others to win, everyone win! Yay!!!

7. Sharpen the saw
Last, but not least.  I believe in improving and sharpening ourselves each and every day.  I also believe as we meet the others with the intent to help, and to control our private life the way it should be this way, we will have a more successful business as well.  So the messy table and unorganized schedule, and 10 cups of coffee sounds glorious to you?  I think a neat office and checking off my to-do list sounds perfect for me.  

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