5 things you want to know when you start a business

Have you ever wonder what are you really doing?  You started a business simply because of a few reasons.  You just want to do what you love, or you simply just want to get out of the box and want to be in charge of your life - be your own boss, or maybe you think doing businesses can bring in more or a lot of income.  Am I right?  I started my photography business simply because I love it, and making a good income is a bonus for this luxury service.  Here are 5 things that I've learned that are important to us.  That's not all, but they are certainly very important.  

1.  Ask yourself and figure out what kind of lifestyle do you want
I think it’s important to understand what do you want to bring out from your business before you do it.  And of course, the closest you can get out is what do the business do to help you build the lifestyle that you want.  Control your business, instead of letting your business controls you.

2.  Keep being hungry for knowledge and new information
In order for us to improve, I think having a heart full of curiosity and wanting to learn is important.  I think that’s one thing that make us entrepreneurs.  And only by learning more and becoming more knowledgeable can we improve our business as well.  

3.  Always put God first and include Him in your business
I always believe that maybe not everyone can be rich even if they are so faithful to God, but I always know that only those who are faithful, and rely on Him are the ones who are the richest in Heaven.  We should have Him on our side in all that we do, because all that we do in this life really is a test.  And I also think all that are approved by our Father in Heaven will never fail, one way or the other.

4. Keep track of your analytics
This is a very business business advice and lesson I learned.  I learned that it’s important to keep track of your website traffic or business and numbers in general because only by doing so can you see what is working and what not, what is drawing traffic and what not, and eventually what to do to improve your business.

5. Just do it - do/start something now
This is probably one of the most important lessons I’ve learned.  We fear fear and failure.  But I was reminded that only by trying that one bite can we actually realize the chocolate is so sweet, it doesn’t look as bitter as you see - dark and muddy.  So only by doing, taking action will we actually learn and bring the knowledge in books to life. 

If you are ready and would like to take on the next level, you can contact us for your mentor session.  If you are not starting a creative business, and would like to start a Kickstarter campaign, our awesome friend Bryce has the best Kickstarter campaign course you don't want to miss.  

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