Headshot Photographer Jacksonville NC 

In today’s age, everyone needs a professional headshot. These may be used for many different objectives, including professional platforms, websites, and social media. A good headshot can be in incredible tool. Like they say, an image is worth a thousand words. Your professional photograph should portray you in a positive, professional manner. This is the way that people in your professional, or social network will view you.

Having a headshot on hand is a great way to market yourself. This can be done through various platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or a business website. Your headshot will speak for you. Thus, it needs to look professional, sleek, and polished. This photo should also be up to date. 

A professional headshot cannot be substituted with an amateur, or ‘selfie’ headshot. Your headshot should portray you in a professional manner. An amateur headshot will most likely not look professional, it will look simple, and possibly cheap. A professional photographer will capture you in the best light, and the best angle. This requires a great deal of skill and equipment, which is difficult to achieve at home. An iPhone selfie is certainly not a substitute for a professional headshot.  

Headshots should be kept simple. The background should not be flashy or distracting, because this will take away from your presence in the image. In addition, your clothes and accessories should be simple and timeless. The specifics of backgrounds and attire can vary depending on your intended use for your headshot. If you are not in the corporate world, your headshot may deviate from that exact style.  

Wynona Benson is a skilled photographer who would be happy to create your professional headshots. Photography is her passion, and thus she is very dedicated to her clients. She will work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable during the shoot, and that you are provided with the results that you expect. She is very skilled in working with lighting and angles, and hence she will portray you in your best position.  

If you are ready to transform your professional image through a professional headshot, please contact Wynona Benson through her contact page.