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Wilmington NC Photographer | Wynona Benson Photography

Where are you located? Do you travel?
We are located in Pocatello, Idaho right now. And YES, we do travel. In fact, we travel A LOT for our clients. We have even traveled for portrait sessions. We've traveled across the nation, including Utah, North Carolina, Georgia, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, etc. And we've traveled to Hong Kong. So we are passport ready to wherever your wedding brings us. :)

What is it so different about you?
We get that a lot! We are husband and wife team, and we have 3 most adorable children. We believe two is better than one, and working as husband and wife team make us serve you better. We also believe giving you the best photography experience is what matter most to us. Our photography style is unique and timeless, and that's what makes your photographs even better. If the experience matters to you, and you believe in love and service, we are yours! Our clients say it all. 

You are hybrid photographers, what does that mean?
We are absolutely in love with film. We believe the fine art film photography is timeless and authentic, it allows us to focus on each frame and we love our digitals that give us flexibility. We love our labs: Richard Photo Lab & The FIND Lab. We are taking and giving the best from both world to you! 

Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No, we do not. We eliminate test shots, duplicate images, etc. While we photograph on film, so we make sure we get the shot with first try. But we also don't expect you to go through every single images with us. We strive to deliver the best images for you.  

We only need one good picture, we don't need a full session, how much is it?
We believe in giving you the full and best experience, that being said, we believe by giving the time that we both need, and the time that you deserve, so we can give you the best experience. And as photographers, we spend just as much time to prepare for your session; less time behind the camera doesn't equal to less time behind the computer for emails, designs, editing, and such.  If you wish to have a mini session, you can click HERE for more information. 

When should we schedule/book with you?
As soon as possible because wedding dates are popular, and you want to have me reserved for your special day before someone else.

How do I reserve/book you?
We require a 50% non-refundable retainer fee and a signed contract.

What can I do to thank you?
We have received gifts from our clients, but the best gift is your referrals and love for our photography for your families and friends. We appreciate your referrals. :)