Newborn Photography

Every little inch of a baby is magical. From their tiny fingers to their little feet, everything about them is perfect. Watching them grow is amazing, but it also instills nostalgia. One moment they are toddlers crawling around, and when you least expect it, they are high school graduates going off to college. Parents often find themselves nostalgic looking back on the days when their child was still a baby. At one moment or another, you will find yourself looking back, wishing you could remember the days when your baby depended on you completely. The best way to remember those memories is to have high quality photographs of your newborn.

Newborn photography is very unique, and it allows for amazing photographs. You may think that it is too soon to photograph a baby in its newborn stage, but in reality, it is an ideal time. During this period the baby is very sleepy. This means that the baby will most likely remain comfortably asleep during the entire session, and it will wear that innocent, sleepy expression. Babies are also very flexible during this stage, which allows them to be positioned in to some truly amazing poses. Many of those poses are not possible later in the baby’s life.

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