Maternity Photography Jacksonville NC 

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of immense excitement and anticipation as expecting parents wait for their baby to arrive. Maternity photography sessions are the best way to capture the excitement of that period and create memorable photographs that you and your family will cherish for years to come.  

Maternity photography has so many possibilities. The typical maternity photos are beautiful, but there are so many other options and possibilities to create amazing, unexpected photos. These can take place at home, at a special location, or anywhere outdoors. The location where photos are taken can enhance the photo, and make it even more special. Maternity photography sessions can also use props. For example, you can include the sonogram in the photo, in front of mommy’s belly. The parents could be pictured reading a book to the baby, or holding blocks that spell out the baby’s name. You can also vary who is pictured in the photos; it could be just mommy, or the entire family, including your fur babies (pets).  

Even small things like lighting can be varied for different results. Natural lighting and artificial lighting each have different effects. For example, natural lighting has a softer effect on the subject, while artificial lighting creates sharper results. The effect of natural lighting varies throughout the day. Sunset lighting, for example, is very flattering on the skin. You can also play with lighting angles to create silhouette images.  

Wynona Benson loves working with her clients to create beautiful, high quality images that will be admired and cherished forever. Wynona knows that every family is unique and has different ideas, preferences and desires. Thus, she offers customizable packages. Wynona is also willing to travel to any location you desire. She has travelled across the country, and even internationally to take photographs. No matter what location you have in mind, she will work with you. You can even choose more than one location! 

If you are an expecting parent, and would like to schedule a maternity photography session, Wynona would love to work with you. She will put her whole heart towards making you feel comfortable while creating amazing photos. 

You may contact Wynona by filling out a form on her contact page.