Family Portrait Styles Wilmington NC 

Family portraits are among my favorite types of photography. Being a wife and a mother myself, I know just how important family is and how much we treasure them. I often find myself reminiscing on family memories and wishing that I could re-live those moments. Because of this, I love photographing families and materializing their beautiful memories.  

Most of us take photos every day, whether they are selfies, or pictures of important events, or just fun moments. However, not everyone can say that they have professional, high quality images that are worthy of being blown-up, and displayed around the house. This is why I love taking photos of families, to provide them with high-quality documented memories that they can treasure forever.  

Every family has its unique tastes and preferences, and this is why I offer several types of family portrait styles. Family portrait styles can vary by the length of the photo, people included, and by pose. Each of these styles can be combined in order to create the images that the family prefers. 

The length or the photo can be full, half, or three quarters. A full-length portrait includes the entire body of the subjects in the portrait. As you may expect, a half-length photo includes half of the subjects, and a three quarter includes cropping just above the knee so that the attention is drawn to the hips, torso and head. You do not have to commit to one specific length, as these can be varied and even cropped later on. However, they are an aspect to consider.  

The people included in the portrait can also be varied. Family portraits, especially those of large families, allow for many variations. For example, one portrait can include the whole family, while the other includes on the children.  

The poses in the photo can also be varied. I like having families experiment with different types of poses. This way, they can choose from a variety of different photos. I encourage families to let loose and get comfortable with each other, because this usually allows for the best photos.  

I would love to get to know you and your family and further discuss your family portrait possibilities. Whether you are in Wilmington, NC, or anywhere in the surrounding area, please contact me through my contact page