Family Holiday Photos 

Holidays are very special, and one of the best parts of them is that they bring families together. These days are full of smiles and laughter as families get together to celebrate something special. Whether your family is being reunited for a holiday, or is simply taking time to celebrate a special time, it is the best excuse to take holiday photos. One of the best parts of family holiday photos is that the family gets to dress up, and use special props that match the theme of the holiday.  

When you think of holiday photos, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas photos. This is a very special holiday, and so much can be done with a Christmas shoot. The family can dress up in Christmas attire such as Christmas-themed sweaters or simply Christmas colors: red and green. They can also use special props like gift boxes, Christmas trees, Santa hats, or even reindeer antlers! The possibilities are endless. Many families send out Christmas cards and a shoot like this would be ideal for it.  

Although Christmas photos are the most common types of family photos, there are many other holidays to pick from for your shoot. One of the most fun is Halloween. Halloween shoots offer so many possibilities as the whole family can dress up in themed costumes, like all superheroes. Another idea is for each member of the family to dress up like a different character, but all from the same movie 

Valentine’s Day is another special holiday. Everyone can dress up in pinks, reds, and whites. After Valentine’s Day comes Easter. For this, everyone can dress in pastels; babies can be put in bunny costumes, or even in little baskets. Another option for Easter is to photograph the kids’ favorite: the Easter egg hunt! Imagine the beautiful images that can result when capturing the wonder in a child’s eye as they discover or anxiously open an Easter egg! Mother’s day and Father’s day are also great occasions for a photo shoot.  

Every family celebrates different holidays. Regardless of the holiday selected, it is always a good idea to have professional family photos done. Wynona Benson is a very talented photographer that would love to have the privilege of photographing your family. She is a wife and a mother herself, so she understands just how important families are. 

If you would like to schedule Wynona for your upcoming family holiday photos, please contact her through her contact page