Event Photographer Wilmington NC

When you’re hosting a big event, you want to document every moment! Hire a professional photographer to create memories to last a lifetime. Wynona Benson is a professional photographer in Wilmington, NC with years of experience photographing events of all kinds.

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, Wynona’s years of experience allow her to prepare for your big day. A pre-session planning meeting ensures you and Wynona are on the same page for the event. She’ll talk to you to learn more about your event and what type of photos you are hoping to get. Weddings, conferences, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, she’s done it all. Candid dancing photos, poses group shots, even photo booths are all a possibility for your event photos.

On the day/night of the event, photos are the last thing you want to stress about. Leave the work to your event photographer and focus on having fun. Forget all the hard work and enjoy yourself, and end up with photos to prove it. Don’t worry about a full memory card or a dying battery, Wynona will ensure you create memories to last a lifetime.

Event photos are great for a variety of reasons. Post them on social media and tag attendees to share your event with the world. For a corporate event, use the photos on your website or publicity materials. Auctions and fundraising groups will love their quality event photos to promote an annual event. Hiring an event photographer is a guarantee you will end up with perfect event photos you will love to display.

A resident of Wilmington, NC, Wynona is well-acquainted with the area and has experience shooting in a variety of venues. Wynona can travel to wherever your event is being held so you can get great photos of your big event.

No matter what you are looking for in an event photographer, Wynona can help you get the quality photos you are looking for. Her years of experience will guarantee you a set of photos you will treasure now and in the future. Book Wynona Benson as your event photographer in Wilmington, NC today.