Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer - Destin Florida



While we are based in Southeast Idaho. We would love to photograph you in wherever you take us. We’ve photographed in Utah, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, and Hong Kong.

ps. We also travel to photograph engagements, anniversaries, and families. You can check out more about destination portrait sessions here

Destination Wedding Photography FAQS

What are Destination Wedding Photography prices?
You will be surprised to know our destination wedding photography collections are the same as our regular wedding photography collections. The only extra cost is the travel fee. Travel fee includes: Airfare, Hotel accommodations, Rental car, and vendor meals.

How many people do we need to fly out?
It’s just the two of us for the most case depending on your collection, timeline, and program, etc. We typically fly in the day before your wedding day, so we can make sure we can be prepared; including getting enough sleep, look around your venue and the area, etc.

Do I need to book your flights? 
No, we typically book our own airfares and hotels for your convenient, but we are flexible. If you’re telling me you’re a private pilot and would love to fly us over yourself, we won’t say no! ;) 

Where will you be staying?
We usually stay at the hotel that you’re staying for your convenience. We are here and close by whenever you need us. But if you are getting ready at the venue, or a private property, we usually stay within 5 miles from your venue if possible. 

Why should I hire you instead of a local wedding photographer?
First, because you are awesome! And you think we are awesome! Second, we are as unique as you, and our photography style and working style is something we are proud of. Our clients love our work, and love working with such a fun team that they would rather have us than anyone else. And third, we love to travel. We love getting to explore the world with you, and capture the most important moments in life for you.