Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is much more than just documenting events or taking portraits, it is positioning your company in a positive manner.  Like they say, pictures tell a thousand words. Companies can use corporate photography in their favor to tell a story. Photos are the ideal way to communicate to others just how committed your business is, or to exhibit the fun, celebratory events that many enjoy. Whether you are seeking photographs for an annual report, corporate marking efforts, or social media, the best way to communicate a message is through the use of high-quality, professional photographs.

There are two types of corporate photography: event photography and portrait photography. Event photography entails taking pictures of employees and other guests at business events. These events include but are not limited to conferences, birthday parties, Christmas parties and sales events. Like photographs of any other event, corporate event photography is used to showcase the special event and the guests who enjoyed it. These images provide guests with memories, and shed light on the efforts the company invested into the event.

Corporate portrait photography, on the other hand, is taking formal photos of either the entire team, or single employees. These photos can be used for a variety of things including report, corporate marketing and advertising, and editorial applications. Corporate portraiture usually captures executives in their business environment. These portraits do more than just display a pleasing image of a person, they tell a story about them, and display their hard work and accomplishments.

Wynona is a talented photographer who has traveled around the world assisting her clients. Although she is located in Wilmington, North Carolina, she is willing to travel anywhere for a session. Wynona is skilled in various different styles of photography. She is also experienced in use of both artificial and natural lighting, and can work with any setting to deliver amazing results. If you are interested in scheduling a corporate photography shoot, please contact Wynona Benson through her contact form.